The Lawyers Journal

Item Type : Periodical

Description : is published monthly by Sen. Vicente J. Francisco, former delegate to the Constitutional Convention, practising attorney and President of the Francisco College (formerly Francisco Law School)

Issue Date : Volume XIX (Issue No. 11) November 30, 1954

Language : English

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May rebellion be complexed with other crimes?

Creator: del Rosario, Bernardo Stuart

Language: English

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Opinions of the Secretary of Justice

Language: English

Abstract: Opinion no. 55 - Opinion on the question as to whether or not a Clerk of Court of First Instance as ex-officio sheriff is entitled to an additional compensation pursuant to the provisions of Republic Act No. 915 Opinion no. 68 - Retirement on account of ill-health of a temporary clerk who served in the Government for forty-two years. Opinion no. 69 - Opinion on th question as to whether the Veterans Memorial Building may be constructed upon the USAFFE Park in Intramuros. Opinion no. 70 - Opinion on the question as to whether or not the concluding proviso of Section B-IV-10 (a) of Republic Act No. 816 regarding the fees to be received by the chairman and members of the various examining boards prevails over the provisions of Republic Act Nos. 465 and 564 in connection with the same fees. Opinion no. 72 - Opinion on compulsory retirement. Opinion no. 76 - Reinstatement of a government employee who was found guilty of gross misconduct by the Bureau of Civil Service. Opinion no. 79 - Opinion on the question as to whether the Metropolitan Water District is exempted from paying the compensating tax on liquid chlorine imported by it. Opinion no. 149 - On the questions as to: (1) Whether or not an appointment of a Foreign Affairs Officer to the same class without increase in compensation but merely involving a consolidation of basic and excess salary should be submitted to the Commission on Appointments for confirmation; (2) Whether or not an in-grade promotional appointment of a Foreign Affairs Officer within the same class also be submitted for confirmation; and (3) Whether a Foreign Affairs Officer whose appointment to a higher grade of salary within the same class is by-passed by the Commission on Appointments reverts to his last appointment or is automatically separated from the service. Opinion no. 155 - On the question as to whether the application of Chua Man to operate a cabaret bought from Mr. Ding which had ceased to operate after liberation comes within the exception of the Cabinet resolution of December 28, 1949 which allows cabarets and other amusement places, within the zones specified in said Executive Order No. 319 s. 1941, and in operation on or before January 1, 1941 "to continue operation in their present location until further orders") Opinion no. 157 - On the question as to whether the circumstances surrounding the death of M. Lapira, former member of the Police Force of Guagua, Pampanga, entitle him to the benefits of Sec. 1 of Rep. Act No. 30.

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Decision of the United States Supreme Court

Language: English

Abstract: Victor Emanuel Pereira and Eugene H. Brading, petitioners, v. United States of America

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Supreme Court Decisions

Language: English

Abstract: I. H. E. Heacock Co., Petitioner-Appellant, vs. National Labor Union et al., Respondents-Appellees, No. L-5577, July 31, 1954, Paras, C. J. II. Juan Galanza, Plaintiff-Appellee, vs. Sotero N. Nuesa, Defendant-Appellant, No. L-6628, August 31, 1954, Paras, C. J. III. Esperanza V. Buhat, et al., Plaintiffs-Appellants, vs. Rosario Besana, etc., et al., Defendants-Appellees, No. L-6746, August 31, 1954, Paras, C. J. IV. Ben L. Chuy, Demandante y Apelado, contra Philippine American Life Insurance Company, Demandada y Apelante, G. R. No. L-6672, Junio 29, 1954, Pablo, M. V. Eugene Arthur Perkins, Plaintiff-Appellee, vs. Benguet Consolidated Mining Company, et al., Defendants; Benguet Consolidated Mining Company, Defendant-Appellant, Nos. L-1981, L-1982, May 28, 1954, Pablo, J. VI. Joseph Feldman, Petitioner, vs. Hon. Demetrio B. Encarnacion, as Judge of the Court of First Instance of Rizal, Victorio Lachenal Alfonso Lachenal and Jose Villaflor, Respondents, No. L-7021, July 31, 1954, Padilla J. VII. Domingo de la Cruz, Plaintiff-Appellant, vs. Northern Theatrical Enterprises Inc., et al., Defendants and Apellees, No. L-7089, August 31, 1954, Montemayor, J. VIII. Macario Enriquez, et al., Petitioners, vs. Honorable Alejandro Panlilio, in his capacity as the presiding Judge of Branch A, Court of First Instance of Manila; the Sheriff of Manila; Dee C. Chuan Co., Inc. and Standard Vacuum Oil Co., Respondents, G. R. No. L-7325, July 16, 1954, Montemayor, J. IX. Alicia Go, et al., Plaintiff-Appellees, vs. Alberto Go., et al., Defendants-Appellants, G. R. No. L-7020, June 30, 1954, Bautista Angelo, J. X. Marta Banclos de Esparagoza et al.. Petitioners, vs. Bienvenido A, Tan, etc, et al., Respondents, G. R, No, L-6525, April 12, 1954; Bautista Angelo, J. XI. Leopoldo R. Jalandoni, Protestant and Appellee, vs. Demetrio N. Sarcon, Protestee and Appellant, G. R. No. L-6496, January 27, 1954, Bautista Angelo, J. XII. Marc Donnelly & Associates, Inc., Pet'tioner, vs. Manuel Agregado, Auditor General; Cornelio Balmaceda, Secretary of Commerce and Industry; and Ramon L, Paguia, Chief of the Sugar Quota Office, Respondents, No. L-4510, Mey 31, 1954, Bautista Angelo, J. XIII. Ignacio Arnido, Plaintiff-Appellee, vs, Alfonso Francisco, Defendant-Appellant, G. R. No. L-6764, June 30, 1954, Labrador, J. XIV. Damaso Cabuyao, Plaintiff-Appellant, vs. Domingo Caagbay, et al, Defendants-Appellees, G. R. No. L-6636, August 2, 1954, Concepcion, J.

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Decision of the Court of Industrial Relations

Language: English

Abstract: Hotel & Restaurant Free Workers (FFW), Complainant vs. Kim San Cafe & Restaurant et al, Respondents, Case No. 159-ULP, Lanting, J.

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Republic acts

Language: English

Abstract: Republic Act No. 1052 - An act to provide for the manner of terminating employment without a definite period in a commercial, industrial, or agricultural establishment or enterprise Republic Act No. 1053 -An act to amend Republic Act numbered three hundred and eighty-five authorizing certain officials of the government of the United States or any agency thereof to administer oaths and affirmations in the Philippines Republic Act No. 1057 - An act to amend Republic Act numbered nine hundred and ten entitled "An act to provide for the retirement of justices of the Supreme Court and of the Court of Appeals, for the enforcement of the provisions hereof by the government service system, and to repeal Commonwealth Act numbered five hundred and thirty-six" and for other purposes

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Texas lawyer talks on jury system at the Francisco College

Language: English

Abstract: "The system of trial by jury is not a perfect system"--Atty. R. Richard Roberts, Member, Texas Bar, U.S.A.

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