TitleNumber of Issues
Academia Filipina1
Acta Medica Philippina7
American School Independent Post1
Ang Sosyalismo ngayon1
Ang Tanglaw1
Ang Tinig ng Kapariz1
Ang Wika5
Arellano Review1
Ateneo Solidarity Bulletin14
Bagong Buhay2
Baguio Midland Courier28
Biblioteca Nacional Filipina: Revista Historica6
Boletin De La Camara de Comercio5
Boletin de la Camara de Commercio Espanola de Filipinas en Manila1
Boletin de la Iglesia de San Ignacio1
Boletin Eclesiastico de Filipinas38
Budget for 1937 of the Commonwealth of the Philippines1
Bulletin of the Philippine Library Association, Inc.0
Business Day4
Business Day Special Report2
Caduceus Medical Abstracts2
Campus Journal1
Catimawan Banua1
Census of the Philippine Islands1
Chemical newsletter1
Code of ethics submitted to the president of the Philippines0
Commerce and Industry Journal1
Communications Magazine1
Community in Action1
Cosmopolitan Clarion1
Cultura Social2
Current Events Review4
Damag ti Pagarian0
Davao Review1
Davao Wave1
Decision Magazine for Lawyers1
Department of Foreign Affairs Treaty Series3
Diario de Sesiones de la Legislatura Filipina71
Diario de Sesiones de la Asamblea1
Diario de Sesiones de la Camara de Representantes10
Diario de Sesiones del Primer Congreso de Hispanistas de Filipinas1
El Heraldo de la Revolucion12
El Misionero88
España Boletin Informativo6
Evening News Saturday0
Farming and Cooperatives6
Forestry Leaves36
Gaceta Oficial2
Good Transmission9
Gossips and scandals1
Government Report2
Green and White1
Horizons Unvisited3
Jose Rizal College Journal8
Journal of the Educators’ Congress1
Juan dela Cruz1
Khaki and Red9
La Liga Nacional Filipina1
La Vanguardia93
Legion's Forum1
Magasin ng Bagong Buhay1
Monthly Bulletin of the Philippine Library and Museum1
Music Magazine2
National Research Council of the Philippine Islands2
National Weekly1
Official Gazette2
Philippine Armed Forces Journal14
Philippine Education1
Philippine Educator14
Philippine Interpreter : an Exponent of Philippine Values1
Philippine News Digest1
Philippine Quarterly4
Philippine Review10
Philippine Trade Review : an Import and Export Journal3
Provincial News Digest2
Revista Agricola de Filipinas15
Revista De La Camara de Comercio de las Islas Filipinas0
Revista De Tribunales0
Semana China0
Semana de Manila-Revista1
Semana Revista Ilustrada Hispano-Filipina129
Sino-Philippine Research Journal1
Socialism today1
Supervision over Local Governments and Local Officials : A supplement to Local Government Review0
Supervision over Local Governments and Local Officials: a Supplement to Local Government Review1
Swing and Rhythm1
Tarlac Teachers Journal1
The Advance1
The American Chamber of Commerce Journal68
The Arellano Standard1
The Arellano Star8
The Bicol Star48
The British North Borneo Herald and Fortnightly Record1
The Cabletow26
The Carolinian85
The City Gazette4
The Coconut Journal3
The Colonial Monthly1
The Commoner0
The Cross23
The Curriculum Quarterly1
The Diocesan Chronicle7
The Employee2
The Filipino1
The Flying A News1
The Freeman1
The Gold Ore0
The Government Employee1
The Guard1
The Illustrated Press2
The Journal of the Philippine Dental Association8
The Journal of the Philippine Medical Association2
The Junior Educator2
The Lawyers Journal17
The Leader1
The Legioner1
The Liberal2
The Little Apostle of the Mountain Province8
The Local Government Review12
The Manila Guardian2
The Marsman Magazine30
The Nation4
The National Forum1
The Philippine Craftsman18
The Philippine Gazette4
The Philippine Magazine3
The Philippine-American1
The Philippines2
The Philippines Boy Scout1
The Philippines Commonweal1
The Philippines Herald3
The Philippines Herald Midweek Magazine2
The Philippines-Japan Quarterly1
The Republic23
The Sports Review1
The Sugar Cane Planter1
The Toddler1
The Toil1
The UM Foreign Service Student1
The Union Star1
The Visayanian1
The Volunteer6
The Wesleyan Chronicle1
The Wesneco Torch1
The Williamite1
The Woman's Outlook1
The Woman's World1
The Young Citizen: The Magazine for Young People67
Times Magazine1
Tinig ng Nayon0
Todos Misioneros1
True Guide1
Welfare Advocate2
Woman's Home Journal3

Rare Periodicals

Repository of rare periodicals digitized from print and microfilms housed at the UPD Main Library's Special Collections Section and the Media Services of the Information Services and Instruction Section, respectively.

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